Saturday, 1 July 2017


By Deborah Ann Belka

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Lord, You know my days,
the number of my years
You know the exact time
that my life will be here.

I pray I will use it wisely,
giving honor to Your name
I ask that You will help me
not to bring You any shame.

Lord, You have given me,
this place for me to dwell
You've given me a chance
to choose heaven over hell.

 I pray I'll be a good steward,
in the seasons allotted me
I ask for Your guidance
so, in eternity, we can be.

 Lord, You understand me
and know my every side
You've given me Your light
to be my constant guide.

 I pray I will not falter,
on the narrowest of ways
I ask that You will lead me
all my nights and all my days.

Lord, let me not stray,
from You while I am here
for You are my Shepherd
who I trust with all my years.
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© Deborah Ann Belka
Used with permission from the Author

Deborah Ann Belka is a Christian poet and Mum based in the United States of America.
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